Past & Present


PATSA Petroamerica Terminal is an oil storage depot originally built in 1942 by the US Navy.

It comprises two big sites, the Arraijan Tank Farm and the former Rodman Naval Base, whose operations are covered by Fuel Free Zone status.

The Arraijan Tank Farm has 37 underground tanks with a 1.1 million barrel capacity, providing storage for clean product and bunker. It also has a loading area for dispatching product to tanker trucks.

The former Rodman Naval Base has two 39-foot-deep berthing quays and a floating dock that provides services to the auxiliary maritime industry.

Both sites are connected by a system of pipes with their own pumping lines.

Today PATSA is expanding, increasing its storage capacity by 350,000 barrels through the construction of new tanks.

TVN News filmed a report on the expansion of PATSA’s fuel tanks, which is being carried out in response to Panama’s increased logistical importance.